Dealing with Wasps and Hornets


Social wasps are often seen in British gardens where they can become something of a nuisance when food and drink are present. There are several species found in the [...]

Dealing with Wasps and Hornets2018-06-07T10:01:46+01:00

Rats! Are they getting too close for comfort?


An old urban myth suggests that you are never more than six feet away from a rat, but they might well be getting closer. Experts suggest that with climate [...]

Rats! Are they getting too close for comfort?2018-04-12T16:16:16+01:00

The bee that gets a buzz from buildings!


It looks like a Honey Bee and it sounds like one… but it’s not. Osmis rufa, the Red Mason Bee, has a much maligned reputation as a pest, with [...]

The bee that gets a buzz from buildings!2017-08-14T14:36:05+01:00

What’s in the woodwork?


It has been suggested that, in one form or another, beetle infestation will be found in up to 75% of UK homes. This sounds rather high, but based on [...]

What’s in the woodwork?2017-04-04T13:37:52+01:00
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