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We would be pleased to help you with your survey  CLICK HERE  to complete our brief enquiry form and we’ll get back to you promptly with a free estimate. Any questions? Call Brien Walker on 01799 521761 or email office@snow-walker.co.uk for expert advice.

We are a team of professional building surveyors with expert knowledge and long experience of surveying historic houses, listed buildings and other period properties. We carry out surveys throughout East Anglia including Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

About our surveys

We offer a range of survey options from a full and detailed inspection of a property through to an expert opinion on a specific structural issue; the choice very much depends on the property you have in mind. Before purchasing an older or more unusual property it is wise to have a thoroughly detailed inspection whereas a more conventional or more recent building may only require a brief inspection or a closer look at any specific concerns that are found.

Building Survey

A full and thorough inspection of a property

A highly detailed survey

Formerly known as a structural survey, a Building Survey will determine the extent of any problems and the scope of the work required to rectify them.

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Homebuyer Report

An economical service which helps you make an informed buying decision

An economical service

A general inspection of a property of standard construction which appears to be in reasonable condition. It also provides a valuation for mortgage purposes.

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Main Defects Report

Ideal for anyone contemplating a property renovation project

A focus on major issues

Particularly useful for anyone wishing to establish the extent of any defects they have noted in a property without having to undertake a full Building Survey.

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Brief Inspection

Get a professional opinion before submitting an offer

General advice

Our Brief Inspection highlights any serious issues and confirms the extent of any remedial works required before negotiating a property purchase or seeking estimates.

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Our range of professional services

In addition to surveys of historic buildings and period properties, we offer a range of property-related services that include advice on Party Wall Matters, Land Registry Plans, Property Acquisition, Valuations, Rent Reviews and the provision of Expert Witness testimony. We also handle sales and lettings of commercial properties.

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Here’s what our clients say

“I have worked with Snow Walker for many years and hold them in the highest regard. I consult them on all our property transactions.”

Peter Clayden
Property Developer

“We work closely with Snow Walker and their knowledge of listed and historic buildings is invaluable.”

Mike Hibbs
Hibbs Walsh Architects

“We have had a long association with Snow Walker and nothing other than positive feedback from clients, particularly on listed buildings.”

Geoff Thompson
Chartered Engineer

“… your professional approach and genuine desire to help enable us to recommend our clients to you without hesitation.”

Andrew Arnold
Pellys Solicitors